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Meet Alexis Marchionda - an ambitious entrepreneur with an eye for details. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA Alexis is not your ordinary Millennial. While her peers were busy in college - Alexis was busy putting in the work & earning the experience in leadership & sales first hand in restaurant management. Over the years she managed a variety of establishments & wore a multitude of hats as she worked her way up from server all the way to a General Manager. After spending almost ten years in restaurants Alexis had gained knowledge and experience in communications, sales, marketing, accounting, leadership & organizational management. Combining her experience with her unstoppable will & Alexis decided to move out west & begin a life long career in real estate. 


Alexis specializes in using today’s cutting edge technology to market & sell unique, luxury properties for top dollar; as well as keeping ahead of the market trends to help guide her investors into making strategic & profitable acquisitions. Alexis’ is an active investor herself with a diversified portfolio including multiple real estate investments, cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. With an analytical mind Alexis continues to set herself apart from the competition by paying attention to all the right details, going after what her clients want with a refined skill and knowledge of negotiation tactics. Her positive energy & dedication to quality customer service creates the ideal environment for enjoyable, smooth transactions. She prides herself on being proactive and resourceful seeing solutions where others just see road blocks. The passion Alexis has for real estate is also found in other areas of her life. She has a lot of hobbies that include scuba diving, skydiving, shooting, weight lifting, wake boarding, snowboarding, hiking, camping & yoga - just to name a few. Alexis strongly believes in the gift of giving & feels blessed every day she is given the opportunity to help others.

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