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Is synthetic grass here to stay?

While the synthetic grass trend has not yet made it's way to the East coast states - it has become immensely popular and dare I even say preferred in the South West region. As most of you know synthetic grass started back in the 1960's with the grand opening of the Astrodome. Immediately named astroturf - synthetic grass made it's way into almost all the professional sports arenas. But now the demand is moving to the residential sector.

Synthetic grass is appealing to homeowners for the most obvious reason - you don't have to mow it! Also in states such as California and Arizona you drastically decrease your water consumption thus reducing your monthly bills as well. So you don't have to water or mow it but that doesn't mean you're maintenance free. For example if you have pets or kids - be prepared for weekly or daily rinses. Also if you have high traffic areas of your lawn or maybe just a perfect nap spot, over time you'll have to 'brush' the grass to keep the fibers standing straight up.

In the luxury market homeowners are utilizing synthetic grass in coalesce with other building materials to make luxurious and perfect walk ways, court yards and even their own putting greens! Also let's not forget how lusciously green synthetic grass always looks! Life span initially on synthetic grass was only a few years but now manufacturers are saying close to a decade, if not longer.

Between longevity, aesthetics, and cost reduction I think it's safe to say synthetic grass is here to stay, but consumerism drives the market so time will tell! Overall I think you will continue to see the demand rise in drought and excessive heat states and of course the luxury market as well. What do you think? Would you prefer to buy a home with synthetic grass already installed?

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