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We are not what we think we are - We are what we think

All too often do I come across people struggling with who they are versus the life they are living. Being at unrest with our thoughts and life is one of the main reasons so many people are lacking true inner peace in their life. The odd thing is that mastering our minds is one of the most difficult and under taught things in all of our society. It's the reason so many people are unhappy at their jobs, with their spouses, their peers and most importantly themselves.

Whether it's anger, animosity, anxiety or fear that you struggle with; everyone has something that holds them back in at least one area of our life. Of course no one wakes up striving to be a 'negative nancy' but throughout the day we let these thoughts sneak in and cripple our potential. It's why there are so many books written on it, even the majority of great philosophers write about the importance of controlling our thoughts. Whether it's meditating, manifesting, praying or vision boarding - controlling our thoughts comes in many forms but first it starts with self-awareness.

Self awareness is defined as : conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires. A lot of people shy away from embracing self-awareness because it's difficult at first to analyze yourself from a third-party - dare I say unbiased perspective. For example, I personally get really moody when I'm hungry. Media popularized the term as "hangry" I believe. Now while this is largely a joke to most people - to my closest friends they know it all too well as a flaw of mine, I have chosen to be aware of my actions and realized I really do let my hunger affect my mood and my patience thus affecting those around me. I cannot always prevent myself from being hungry but I can realize when it's causing my patience to thin thus controlling my mood internally before it affects those around me. Now this is a light example obviously but think of it applied to anxiety, phobias and our daily fears. If we censored our thoughts to only those of positivity, empowerment, love, peace, compassion and viewed things as opportunities over obligations - how would your day change? Could it change your life?

I say it can and it will. Change your thinking, change your life. For anyone further interested in investing in their mind I highly recommend reading James Allen As A Man Thinketh.

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