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Separate but equal

Out with the old and in with the new styles, interiors, flows, and colors - but what about fixtures? Oh yes, the chandelier has gotten a modern day over haul! Instead of the large, robust design chandeliers once had - this year's designers are thinking more along the lines of the overall visual line of sight and how it impacts your guests. Which means while it's great that the minute you walk into someone's home your attention is immediately directed to the giant, sparkling ball of light at the top of the room; instead think about entering someone's home and your eyes are immediately directed down the perfectly arched corridor to a beautiful seating room. With more homeowners putting more emphasis on the overall functionality and feel that the room provides it's guests - the more smaller cluster lighting is gaining popularity. The dainty fixtures once grouped together provide adequate lighting, flexibility with dimming features, intimate atmosphere and most importantly it doesn't take away from the rest of the home. Although I'm sure the grandiose chandeliers won't be gone for too long - it'll be interesting to see how slight change of fixtures impacts a home's overall atmosphere and enjoyability!

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