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Outdoor versus Indoor Kitchens: Which should you invest in?

With Summer right around the corner a lot of current homeowners are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to invest in creating a functional outdoor kitchen space or remodel their primary kitchen. Of course everyone wants the best of both worlds but what if financially you had to chose? You would ideally wouldn't want to waste your investment dollars so which kitchen project produces the higher return on investment?

Quite a few variables come into play on this question. For starters and the most obvious - it depends on where you live; second which space is able to be utilized with larger crowds? For example if you have a galley style kitchen - no matter how much you remodel it (unless you take out walls) it will be hard to entertain guests out of it due to it's layout, and let's say your outdoor space is huge then it will most likely be in your best interest to invest the money where people can enjoy it - and enjoy it with their loved ones. Now don't get me wrong interior kitchen remodels are always a great project to invest in, but the numbers show demand is increasing for outdoor kitchens. According to the American Institute for Architects and their most recent Home Design Trends Survey the demand is growing in spite of the previous decline over years prior.

Always staying on top of what the next big trend will be can be hard and time consuming but one thing that always stays in style is function. Let's not forget the person buying your home will be buying it for one reason: because they can see themselves living there and coincidentally enough is probably why you chose it too! So keep that in mind when investing in your home

renovation projects - after all we are just human.

Source: “Outdoor Kitchens: Still on the Way Out?” RISMedia (April 15, 2017)

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