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How much will smart lighting add to the value of your home?

Hue Smart Lighting can evoke a range of emotion and ambiances

In a world where technology is inundating every aspect of our lives - our homes are certainly no exception. We are not talking about the million of fancy shaped lights Ikea offers either. Now we can take mood lighting to the extreme with app controlled hue smart lights. With brands like Phillips dominating the market already - it's safe to say these color changing and intensity variable bulbs are certainly the next big thing. But what does this mean to homeowners thinking about selling their home?

Although there isn't a ton of evidence saying having super cool light bulbs that change colors and intensities adds value to your home - we do know it helps cultivate emotion. Part of the reason color changing light bulbs were invented was to help homeowners control the mood, ambiance or the fung shui of their home or maybe even just a single room. We also know people can't help but buy off emotion. When it comes to selling your home - the hardest part is creating an inviting atmosphere that allows other people to envision themselves living and creating the memories that make a house a home. In addition to that, statistics say that Millennials, prefer homes that already come with all the modern technological upgrades like Nest, due to convenience and the WOW factor!

Moral of the story - keep creative outlets open when selling your home - you never know what simple change might be the easiest fix to change your home from 'For Sale' to 'Sold!' Plus, let's face it color changing lights are pretty cool - especially with their app interfaces!

From color to intensity - the app gives you options

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