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In a world where technology is inundating every industry - real estate is no exception. One of the first technological revolution in real estate started with the lockboxes - out with the old contractors lock boxes with spindle codes and in with the new Supra Bluetooth connected - app savvy lockboxes. Every seller's concern still remains the same though - how secure do they keep my home?

New-age lock-boxes seem to be much more secure than previously used contractor or mechanical lockboxes and for many reasons! For starters a Realtor must be present in order to access them. It connects to their physical "E-Key" or to the E-Key app itself which then directly registers with each Realtor's individually appointed agent ID. The lockboxes also keep a detailed history of the exact time and date that agent ID is used on that specific lockbox. This is useful for many reasons. It provides a detail look at how long each showing stays in the house for and the exact time window they were in the house for. These lockboxes also give the listing agent the ability to restrict access times. For example if you only want potential buyers to be able to view the home between 2pm-6pm every Wednesday - the agent is able to put in these exact stipulations guaranteeing zero access at during any other time. These lockboxes also give listing agents the opportunity to request immediate feedback, leave special notes for the agent and more.

Aside from security and accountability these lockboxes also free up more of your time as the seller and provide a more ease of access for potential buyers and their agents! Overall I think technology has certainly scored a win for real estate agents and their clients! In my professional opinion I think this is a beyond beneficial piece of technology that all agents should be utilizing and passing on to their clients. If you have any questions about how these work, other benefits or want to see them in action in person - just contact Agent Alexis!

Supra's high tech lockbox

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