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Getting Your Home Ready for it's Professional Debut

When getting ready to sell your home the hardest thing is trying to figure out how it will come across to unbiased, potential buyers. No matter what there's always a few simple rules that will help keep you on track to maximize your dollar and speed up days on market!

- Don’t be afraid to get rid of unwanted items early on, it will make pictures go smoother, make moving easier and could even result in an impromptu moving sale!

- Accentuate and draw the potential buyers in with key colors. Think like an interior designer!

- Replace all burnt out bulbs and have carpets cleaned.

- Capture the great curb appeal! Attractive entrances subliminally welcome buyers to their new home.

- Let the light in – open, bright and airy is key to nailing the first impression.

- DIY projects are great, but let’s finish them before our perspective buyers have to.

- Unfortunately showing pictures of your beloved fur babies won’t sell your home faster.

- Highlight your favorite parts of the home - whether it's the ultra-useful kitchen island or the way the sun comes through the back bedrooms at dusk!

- Don’t forget we are selling to move on to something better, so we should cut the emotional ties now and re-attach them to your next home!

- Replacing missing outlet covers, putting the fire alarm back together, straightening the crooked drawer, all these little fixes will go a long way.

- Lawn and landscape is a crucial part of the potential buyer’s first impression

- Put away the holiday decorations – your home is perfect any season of the year!

An experienced and passionate real estate agent should provide you with meaningful direction and helpful hints all throughout the home process but hopefully this helps too! Feel free to reach out to Agent Alexis to expand on any of these points, or for a personalized consultatio

n on how to market and sell your home for top dollar!

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